The Sultans Trail Foundation – A European Cultural Route aims to:

  • Develop, preserve and promote the Sultans Trail: the cultural-historical long- distance-hiking and cycling route from Vienna to Istanbul, passing through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey.
  • Collect historical facts and information, as well as to publish guidebooks and other promotional materials in relation to the Sultans Trail;
  • Categorize and support historical buildings, places, customs and traditions, along the Sultans Trail;
  • To establish the route, and undertake all actions related to the previous.

Among others, the foundation tries to realize its goals by means of historical research, building, informing and supporting sister organizations and local networks, organize promotional activities, mark the route, either with the support of local people, groups, organizations, universities, companies or governmental institutions. Annually we organize at least one event or expedition with a group of hikers and or historians.


The Sultans Trail Foundation is an international non-governmental organization with offices in Haarlem (The Netherlands), Berlin (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey). The foundation was founded by Sedat Çakir and the mission is to stimulate and simplify the journey for hikers, cyclists along the Sultans Trail.

In the countries along the Trail the foundation is supported by the local tourist information offices and also by the local communities.

The Sultans Trail is a multi-cultural, non-religious and non-political organization without profit or commercial purposes. Respect for all people, cultures and religions is highly important for the Sultans Trail. That is why the Foundation cannot accept donations that serve any political or religious motives.

In order to preserve its independence the Foundation strives for a balanced financial construction with incomes from donations. The Foundation is supported by a number of organizations, foundations and individuals from 21 different countries.

The Sultans Trail uses any donations received from the countries along the trail exclusively to reinvest in the countries that invest in the Sultans Trail projects. The intention of these projects is to stimulate economical and cultural development for the local communities. The Foundation encourages the governments of these countries to preserve and maintain the Sultans Trail to support their local communities.