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An interesting article on the cultural background of the Sultans Trail is published on the site of the WorldTrailsNetwork by Max Smits, one of our trail coordinators.


In 2019 we welcomed cyclist and we had the honour to receive quite some stories, also about the road conditions after rain

Through the heart of the Rhodope mountains: group hike Bulgaria 2019

We cycled with Sultans Trail friends the second part of the Sultans Trail cycling route, some anecdotes we have like to share here

Sultans Trail – cycling route part 2, Belgrade to Istanbul

We tried to hike the aqueducts near Istanbul but it’s not the correct one. Here you can see our attempt, there is a better way for sure.


Bulgaria Devils bridge

Here we started to develop the Sultans Trail Cycling route

These are the early days: Bike-tour Iris & Sedat


Through the mountains Sofia to Yagodina 2018

Bram & Max in Bulgaria 2018

Paddy’s blog in Bulgaria 2017 – 2018
Paddy’s adventures
Blog Paddy part 2
Blog Paddy part 3
Acknowledgement Paddy

Paddy Devlin after Istanbul Vienna and back to Istanbul by foot

Albin Hagberg Medin Sultans Trail 2018


Six feet ‘6 Füße auf dem Sultanstrail’:  Teil 2Teil3Teil5Teil6Teil 7 2015

In Bulgaria and Turkey we made a special hiking trip for three weeks, we marked from Kardzhali in Bulgaria towards Istanbul with quite some ladies on board. Here are the participants and the sticker we used with our names from the marking trip in 2015


The year we hiked form Niš to Pazardjik in Bulgaria a lovely hike Travel log Servië, Niš – Bulgarije, Pazardzjik 2017

You start in Serbia and with your hiking guide, you have detailed information of your Sultans Trail hiking part toward Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

You will find hiking maps, Sultans Trail information of Ottoman heritage along this part. Also, you will have practical information on places to sleep and friends along the route.

Josephine & Claire

Blog by Josephine en Claire on the Sultans Trail 2017


Arjan Schuiling is our Bulgarian coordinator he organizes group hikes and has made many mountain trips. He knows the Sultans Trail and all the Bulgarian secrets better than any of us. He is excellent in English, so a joy to read his travel blogs for our English readers.

The missing link 3 Bulgarian mountains 2015

Arjan Schuiling our Bulgarian expert

Arjan Schuilings adventures in Bulgaria 2014

Secretary of the Sultans Trail in Austria 2014

In 2014 Sedat Çakır and Ton Roos explored the Austria territories. They hiked and cycled to develop the Sultans Trail. You can click on the image to see the full album