Become a Friend

Would you like to be part of the Sultans Trail, a thriving and growing community of people who like to walk and love walking in Holland, the Balkan, Turkey, and Western-Europe? become a friend – sign up form

For € 24,-per calendar, you are a member excluding the one time cost of € 10,00 administration fee.

If you become a friend, then you’ll receive following benefits:

  • You’ll receive our app free.
  • You’ll receive our highly sought-after Sultans Trail cap.
  • We will send you the hiking passport: a personal document, with this passport you can get discount and help and service along the Sultans Trail from local businesses and people who are connected to the Sultans Trail. In the hiking passport, you can collect the stamp, a nice souvenir of your journey!
  • Furthermore, when you are a friend, you are entitled to your Ferman: an honorary certificate for people who have walked from at least Edirne towards Istanbul, or by bike. Some have traveled by horse from Sofia to Istanbul. These travelers will be admitted to the Ferman-register.
  • and of course, you get good advice about the route from our main office to follow the trail.
  • If you are a biker, then you get instead of the app a reduction of  €5,- on both the Pirola bike-editions from Vienna to Belgrad and from Belgrad to Istanbul.
  • You also receive a one-time only discount of € 23,95 for a travel to be organized by us and a discount for the admittance for our twice a year Sultans Trail gatherings.
    Twice a year we have a membership get together with drinks and snacks. Here we can share our adventures and information. On these occasions, we also discuss the foundations’ organization and things we could improve,
  • Also, you receive the Sultans Trail magazine! We publish this twice a year.
  • And last but not least, you receive our monthly newsletter.

Your partner and children up to 18-year-old pay only € 18,50 and the one time cost of € 10,00 administration fee. Become a member and join us membership sign up form


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