In countries like Austria and Serbia it will not be a problem to find a comfortable place to sleep (hotel, pension or private rooms) within walking distance.

In Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey some improvisation may be required. In a lot of places it is possible to stay in private houses. Sometimes you will be invited and will not be allowed to give any money (although a little present for the children is much appreciated). Actually, this kind of hospitality is one of the things that make this trip so special.

In some areas it is absolutely necessary to bring a tent. Camping in the wild is very easy and very nice, especially in the remote areas.
Some places are particularly welcoming towards SultansTrail hikers. They are listed below.


Happy Hostel
Alexander Boskovic and Ivana Jevtovic
Kralja Milutina 28
11000 Belgrade

Phone: +38 111 361 9414
Fax: +38 111 361 9415
Mobile phone: +38 164 117 6075

Web adress:
Email: ; ;


Kırklareli, Karıncak köyü. You can get the key of the village house from imam Sedat Soycan