Travel guides


The Sultans Trail Foundation draws maps (scale 1:50.000) of every country along the route. You can order them at our webshop.

– Austria: Various maps available, the Austrian stretch is also described in print including historical background and GPX-coordinates.

– Slowakia: Various maps available.

– Hongary: Travel book stores, like Piéd a Terre ( Amsterdam ), sell booklets of the so-called Blue Route and various maps

– Croatia: Under development

– Serbia: Bicycle maps of the Danube route (Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad and Belgrade to Smederevo )
available through

– Romania: Under development.

– Bulgaria: Outdoorstore Stenata right in the heart of Sofia (5 Miladinovi str.) sells maps of the mountain ranges : Rila, Pirin en Rodopi. These maps are also sold in some Dutch travel book stores. See webpage for the interactive map of Bulgaria interactive map of Bulgaria
– Turky: Maps of the daily stages are printed in the SultansTrail guidebook for Turkey.


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