En route

Old roads

Within Europe, there are a lot of old and often of forgotten roads and paths which had quite an impact on the history of many European countries. Most notorious are the Roman Roads which have served traffic in Europe for many centuries. The road to Istanbul is one of them. It is called via Militaris of via Diagonalis, so is the Limes route that ran along the major rivers which constituted the border of the empire. Crusaders on their way to the Holy Land, in the middle ages, reported using these roads. So did the Ottoman armies when they moved towards Vienna to contest the western powers.
The Sultans Trail follows these routes back to Istanbul.

About the name

The name of the Sultans Trail is inspired by Sultan Süleyman I who ruled from 1520 up to 1566 the Ottoman Empire, when it was at the height of its power.
The trail will lead you through nine countries:  AustriaSlovakiaHungaryCroatia, SerbiaRomaniaBulgaria, Greece, and Turkey

Stickers and trafic signs

The trail is not marked. But you can find these stickers on the trail to remind you that you are on the Sultans Trail. They are placed by our supporters.

We also placed some trafic shields in the neighborhood of Istanbul in the Arnavutköy dsitrict to mark the direction to Istanbul and Vienna.

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