Travelling with friends

  • Hiking with Sedat in Turkey. Sedat plans to go hiking in the spring of 2020. You are more than welcome to come along. More information:
  • Hiking with Arjan in the Bulgarian mountains At your request Arjan will take you through either the Rila or Rhodopi mountains in Bulgaria. Compose your own group, present your preferred dates and jointly we will devise a tailor-made itinerary that suits your abilities and interests. Below a report of a trip in September 2019: “6 days of hiking with 9 friends from the same Dutch region: Yundola-Velingrad-Batak-Villa Romantika-Borino-Devil’s Bridge-Yagodina-Devil’s Throat-Wonderful Bridges-Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Picture yourself in the middle of nowhere, just the print of the footsteps of you and your companions. At most, you will see a forester or a sweet stray dog but in this part of the Rila mountains you are solely surrounded by tall, smelling pine trees, ferns, wild flowers and bushes with edible berries. A woodpecker ticks, a brook babbles, a fire salamander crawls away to escape your heavy hiking boots. In the distance a lake, itself, untouched by tourism. You hike through villages inhabited by gypsies, Lada’s, cows strolling through the streets, dogs herd sheep together. Next thing you dive into the Rhodopes. Nature changes into giant rocks that form a huge gorge, where you smoothly scramble through. Some moments later you descend into the Devil’s Throat, a legendary cave with water that may flow to the underworld. You feel touched by the beam of sunlight peeking through a tiny hole – a unique natural sight. Back in the inhabited world you stroll through a city that is 8.000 years old, wooden masoned houses, arty graffiti and ancient theatre. The trout, chicken, sausage, grilled vegetables and cheese taste deliciously day by day. The Mavrud grape smoothly enters your throat every night. Preferably, you consequently fall asleep in a mountain hut where the fire blazes. Bulgaria you are so beautiful. Remain beautiful. Sultans Trail you are so unique. Thanks Arjan Schuiling and Alexander Karadzhov!”   More information about upcoming trips Arjan Schuiling:
  • Spring hike 2020 Ton and Max made the resolution to hike part of the Sultans Trail with friends annually. Next year is the fourth edition of their Spring Walk, which continues where the last one stopped in Apatin (Serbia). The northern Serbian route leads through Voivodina, a region that used to belong to Hungary and where you will see Hungarian villages and we expect to finish our trip in Novi Sad. The scenery is mainly flat and sparsely populated. Besides agriculture and cattle breeding there is also a lot of fish farming.The last part of the route takes us through the forests of Fruska Gora, a low chain of hills along the Danube. You will pass some historically, interesting places like Apatin where Serbia’s most well-known is brewed: in the Yelen factory, Bac has its medieval castle, the walled medieval Ilok in Croatia and of course Novi Sad: a pleasant, open city. We prefer to travel with minimal luggage and for accommodation we will use hotels, pensions and holiday homes. Travelling up and down this part of the Sultans Trail may best be done through Belgrade. For impressions see:
  • Hiking with Arjan from Sofia to Plovdiv From April 11 to April 25 we walk from Sofia through rolling hills. At first through forests, later on through countryside and small villages. Half way at the town Septemvri there is the option of taking the narrow-gauge railway to Velingrad a spa town with warm water wells. Whenever the route requires this a Bulgarian guide will join us. Make sure you notify us in time so we know of the trip may be held and you can still book your plane tickets for a cheaper rate. The trip will be held when we have 6 hikers, the maximum is 10. More information with Arjan Schuiling:
    In consultation with all participants it will be determined whether we will hire a Bulgarian guide or not and whether we want daily luggage transport or maybe we will decide that luggage transport every two or three days will do (meaning that in your day pack you will carry stuff for two to three days and in intervals you will be reunited with your larger luggage).As soon as we have made these decisions I will send a request to my Bulgarian business partner Mihaela Kircheva and a few days later every participant will know how much this trip will cost. Only when you agree with this price you will make a commitment.