We have devised the Sultans Trail for you, the active hiker or cyclist. There are various ways to make use of the Trail.

Individual travels

For those that prefer to embark on an adventure all by themselves or as a pair, the Sultans Trail Foundation provides all necessary information on ist website: tracks for navigation, addresses of overnight stays, sights etc. However, the Sultans Trail Foundations bears no responsibility for your trip.

Basically, it is possible to hike with minimal luggage because most of the time you will be able to find accommodation right on the Trail or nearby. The exception is the final 400 kilometres where accommodation is scarce and it may be practical to bring sleeping gear. Water and food are always within reach and camping is possible. Travelling by yourself or as a pair offers the best opportunities for interaction with locals, especially if you are willing to familiarize yourself with the local language and customs.

Travelling with friends

Some Sultans Trail Friends like to introduce new friends on to the Trail and take out-groups. Everyone carries his or her own luggage. Participation is a shared responsibility. Every participant is free to determine which activity he or she participates or not and thus for which activities you pay. The friends may give advice. Every participant gets all the required information to make their own choices.
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Organised travel

Finally, some professional travel organizations with local expertise, offer trips under commercial conditions. The travel organization is responsible for the realization of the programme. Within their possibilities, these organizations will make every effort to execute a beautiful trip along the Sultans Trail. They often include luggage transport in their packages.
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Limited Liability

In none of the trips described above the Sultans Trail Foundation is liable for the course of the trip. The Foundation is an intermediate that helps organizing the trips and announcing them so possible participants are made aware of the different options.

About the trail

The Sultans Trail has been devised with great care and will be inspected within time intervals and, if necessary, adjustments will take place. Yet there are many reasons why the Trail may not be usable at certain spots, because of new road construction, other building activities, changes in land use, overgrowing of paths, weather conditions etc. Trail users are constantly dependent on their skills, initiative and their common sense. Whenever you come across situations that may require reconsideration of the Trail, Sultans Trail’s Trail coordinator (Max Smits) likes to be informed. You may send your feedback to