Sultans Trail App

Sultans Trail App

All information from the Digital Information Package is integrated into the Sultans Trail App for Android Mobile phones, available from Google Playstore
With this App, you can navigate on the Sultans Trail and you will see what accommodation is located along the track, as well as transportation options, Sights top see, and other points of interest.

The App combines the following data:

  • maps
  • tracks
  • accommodations
  • transportation
  • sights-to-see
  • information points
  • eating and drinking

All data are pre-installed and ready to use.



The App allows you to preview a track and assess any special location, before departure, including ascends and descends.

The App automatically loads the appropriate online map but also allows you to pre-install a map for off-line use.


The Sultans Trail App offers teh folloowing maps:

  • Open Street Map; in Outdoors format, Topo map, Mapnik and Cycle map.
  • Bing Maps; Road map, Satellite or hybride format.

Off-line vector maps can be downloaded with an in-app function from Mapsforge:,
for further instructions see  here


The App allows you to store data on an extra memory card, when you have one in your phone.


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The Sultans Trail App is available from Google Playstore