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Slovakia is the second country along the route from Vienna to Istanbul. The Slovakian part of the Sultans Trail starts  in Devin and runs via Bratislava to the north by the ridges of the small Carpathian mountains. Highlight of the journey is the wishing well of Omar and Fatima in Trenčín dating from the 17th century. The route in Slovakia via Trenčín is called the romantic route of Omar and Fatima.

Romantic route of Omar and Fatima

One route goes by the southern riverbank of the Danube: from the Austrian border to Wolfsthal, Bratislava and on to Čunovo.
Another route goes by the northern riverbank of the Danube along Devin, Bratislava, Marianka, Trenčín, Topoľčany, Nitra, Nové Zámky, Kolárovo, Komárno and Štúrovo.

General information about Slovakia can be obtained by the Slowaaks verkeersbureau in the Netherlands or through

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