The Sultans Trail offers internships to students from Scientific Universities and Applied Universities,  in the field of:

  • History
  • Marketing & communication
  • Tourism
  • Cultural Heritage Management
  • Museology
  • Journalism

Potential academic assignments

  • Investigate the potential for the tourist industry, economy, heritage management, cultural sector in a (specific) region of the Sultans Trail
  • Investigate the market potential for the Sultans Trail and ways to increase this
  • Investigate  and describe (story-line) the tangible and intangible heritage sites along the trail in the (specific) region
  • Investigate the state of services in the (specific) region for users of the Sultans Trail
  • Design an innovative tourist product for young people/families with children/ early retired people on the Sultans Trail
  • Improve the online presence of Sultans Trail in the social media
  • Produce one or more  6 min. movies on YouTube about items related to the Sultans Trail, (story-line, moviemaking, editing)
  • Advice on an organizational model (structure, legal form, location, statute, membership) for the Sultans Trail Association the will be the supporting organization of the Sultans Trail
  • Prepare and lend organizational support to the Grand Tour 2021
  • Suggest and organize a major Sultans Trail related Event
  • Research potential sources of income for the Sultans Trail and how to improve fundraising
  • Investigate and briefly describe the history of villages along the Sultans Trail
  • Develop innovative ways to present the Heritage sites

Potential practical assignments

  • Develop promotional material
  • Improve website
  • Improve social media presence
  • Develop storylines
  • Assist in writing a monthly newsletter (Dutch or English)
  • Contact stakeholders
  • Develop a marketing strategy/social media strategy
  • Improve volunteer involvement
  • Improve hikers/cyclist involvement
  • Develop cultural activities on/along the trail
  • Develop youth activities on/along the trail
  • Organise and expand our picture catalogue


  • Interns are expected to contribute to Sultans Trail and to the goal of certifying the Sultans Trail as European Cultural Route with the Council of Europe.
  • The internships will be mostly done on-line. When needed we can offer workspace in our office in Harlem for part of the week and meetings. International student are not required to travel. Internships can be fulfilled for any period of time, all year round.
  • An Internship Supervisor will maintain regular contact to discuss all matters related to the assignment.
  • The intern will periodically report to the Board about the work progress.
  • Since the Sultans Trail is maintained by volunteers and financed by donations we are not in the position to pay an internship allowance. Therefore Internships are unpaid.


Any student who is interested in the internship should be fluent in English (spoken and written) and preferably in one of the following languages; Dutch, German, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish.

Interns are expected to be able to work independently.

How to apply

A student interested in an assignment should contact our internship coordinator and put forward his/her resume and motivation statement. Email:

Our Interns

Christelle Olibrice, from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, International Business and Management Studies, conducts her internship from May until September 2021.
During this internship, she will be working on several projects with respect to Promoting and Developing Tourism in the Balkan.

Omar Mohamed, from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, International Business and Management Studies, conducts his internship between March 11 and July 1, 2021.
During his internship, he will develop up a Marketing Plan for the Sultans Trail. Read his report here.

Faith Naccwa, from Breda University of Applied Sciences, International Tourism Management, conducts her internship between February 15 and July 2, 20121.
During her internship, she will work on the use of Social Media for the promotion of the Sultans Trail. Read her report here.

Bonita van Huizen, from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, International Business and Management Studies, conducts her internship between October 5, 2020, and February 22, 2021.
During this period she will be involved in developing communications with stakeholders in the certification process for the Sultans Trail as European Cultural Route.
Her report is available from our Sultans Trail Library: Huizen, van B., (2021)The Sultans Trail Research Report. Internship report from NHL-Stenden University of Applied Sciences, Tourism Management. Read her report here.

Jesper Vlaar, from the Breda University of Applied Sciences, (BUaS), International Tourism Management, conducts his internship between September 7, 2020, and January 22, 2021.
During this period he was involved in Organising a Promo-cycling tour in the summer of 2021, the development of a marketing plan and the marking of the cycling trail. Read his report here

Adrienn Capote-Cuellar (Adri), from the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication (FH Wien der WKW), conducted her internship between July 27, 2020, and January 10 2021. During this time she collected village descriptions to be implemented in the Sultans Trail App, developed a communication plan for the Grand Tour 2020 and advised on the optimal use of Social Media.

Novalga Aniswarea (Aga), from the University of Wageningen, department of Tourism and Environment, conducted his Internship, between April 13 and July 24, 2020. During his internship, he developed 18 project ideas that could help the Sultans Trail to generate activities supporting its goals. From these 18 he executed the following projects:
– Apply  for the European Workshop class of the University of Wageningen
– Develop an internship program
– Conduct a Survey among  Friends of the Sultans trail, see Survey results
He completed his internship with a study of the Sultans Trail Organisation and presented this report to his University Supervisor “Organisation Performance Measurement on Sultans Trail”.