How to start the SultansTrail?
You need your Sultans Trail passport, maps and or the gpx files available in our webshop and the basic needs for hiking
What is the total length of the SultansTrail?
The total length is 2133 km (1326 miles). The total distance varies with the route you choose.
Through which countries does the SultansTrail run?
The SultansTrail runs through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.
What is the best time to go?
It’s easy to walk the SultansTrail the whole year round. Every season has his own charm. The higher parts like Slovakia, Romania and Bulgarian mountains, are best in the months from May till October. In the Balkan countries and in Turkey it can be quite hot in the summer months. If you are walking all the nine countries of the SultansTrail it is best to do this in the spring or autumn.
Where can I find historical information about the trail?
Historical information about the SultansTrail you will find on Wikipedia and on Wikisage. The information on Wikipedia is also available in the Frisian language (Dutch dialect).
Where can I buy the SultansTrail hiking guides and hats?
Please visit our webshop!
Are there ticks along the route?
There are two types of ticks more information can be found here it is advisable to bring along a tick removal instrument. For current information and news about ticks you can visit the lymeneteurope site 
How safe is the SultansTrail?
The Sultans Trail is a very safe and friendly route, just pay attention and be more cautious in busy areas or big cities.
Where can I get cash along the route?
There are many cash machines in the bigger towns in Turkey and ….
Is there WiFi on the Sultans Trail?
Yes in many local cafés there is Wifi, all people are most friendly to help with the password to get you connected to the Wifi network.
Where can I get information on how to get to the starting point or the airport?
If you need special information you can contact us at info@sultanstrail.com but for general information on how to get from A to B check rome2rio
Where can I get water along the route?
In Bulgaria and Turkey there are many water points along the route…
What training level do I need to walk the Sultans Trail?
The daily distance is approximately 20 km or 12.42 miles for the group journeys, some training is advisable. When you start your walk your level will enhance along the way. The best is to walk 20 km to test the daily amount and adjust your training according to this result.