Here you’ll find information about COVID-19

From our Bulgaria coordinator Sultans Trail we received this update:

Update corona rules Bulgaria Mid May 2020

In Bulgaria the state of emergency has been replaced by a ‘pandemic situation’. Among others, this means that incoming tourism is allowed from May 22 onwards for all EU-citizens but under strict conditions. The maximum length of stay will be limited to 7 days and you are obliged to indicate all your overnight stays during your trip. Any traveller from an EU-country which may meet this requirements is no longer obliged into quarantine.  

Hotels, restaurants and tour operators have restarted but service to a maximum of 10 persons. In dining areas tables should be placed at least 1.5 metres apart.  

Everything stated above is all on the condition that in the meantime there will be no deterioration in the numbers of contaminations and fatalities. Thus far Bulgaria has, just like most other Eastern European countries, relatively low numbers of contaminations and fatalities.  

Thus far the update of friend and business partner Mihaela Kircheva. Early July she will provide a new  update.

Arjan Schuiling Bulgaria coordinator Sultans Trail.

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